Know where your team is, up to the minute. Akida locates your team on a map and provides you with real-time updates on their movements. You don’t have to guess where they are working from.

" The geofencing aspect has been useful in mapping assigned users to over 11150 clusters in the 36 states of the federation without any interference or glitch"

OuterSpace, Nigeria


Akida supports complex mobile reports with loops, filters, skips, signatures, photos and audio. If there is no signal, reports store on your phone and send as soon as a connection is found.

"A fun app to use.Initially, we used to struggle to verify the information we were getting from our BAs on the ground but with Akida all the reports that we do receive are real time and verified"

Captivate Africa, Kenya


Get organised data for better decision making Akida allows you quick access to accurate and timely insights and reports. We can customize such for insights to enable well informed decisions.

"An effective tool used in Nigeria to track, test, instruct and analyze activations/activities in trade"

OuterSpace, Nigeria

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