Today. Sign up and make payment for your preferred plan. We'll set up your account and send your portal login details. You're all set to start enjoying simple and reliable reporting. The web portal allows you to create and manage your users, reports and messages. We can customize the existing features to fit your specific requirements. We'll work on such once you get started.

Akida sits on reliable, scalable and secure Microsoft Azure. We have taken every necessary measure to ensure the safety of the system and our users' data. All communication between the app, the server and the web browser is SSL encrypted. We run regular data backups to safeguard our users data from accidental data loss.

We offer training (online and in teams) as required.

Akida runs on any android phones and tablets running on android 4.4 or higher. You can buy the devices or users can use their own devices.
Platform Version Internal Memory Random Access Memory (RAM) Rear/Main Camera Front Facing/Selfie Camera Battery Network Support GPS support
Android Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above 1GB and above 512MBs and above 5 MPS (Megapixels) and above (Used for survey images capture) 5 MPS (Megapixels) and above (Used for checking in/out) 3000 mAh and above 3G and above (Best 4G) Enabled
The web portal is accessible from any web browser both on mobile and desktop devices mainly for administrators which allows them to view the reports and carry out any configuration required

Some devices have the camera and location feature disabled by default. To use the app, you need to enable both. To enable the camera and location, go to your phone's settings, select app, select permission and turn on the camera and the location. If it still doesn't work, restart your phone to allow update the changes.

There’s no limit to the number of photos.

Yes we have that functionality in place

Yes once you sign up the two are inclusive.

We do have geofence functionality which allows one to only report at the customer's location and cannot send any information if not within the customer's boundary.

We're currently implementing the feature and will be available soon.

We do have this feature where you're only assigned your team members.

In case GPS is off, it'll use network signals and cell phone carriers in case of GPS failure.Upon turning on GPS, new coordinates from the GPS will be synced immediately and used instead since it's more accurate.

Yes we have that feature in place

Yes we have that feature in place

Yes we've done customization with some of our current customers. Customization may be billable dependant upon the time involved.

The reporting feature of the app is only available via the mobile and not via a web browser. The reason is because: i) the attendance and reporting features require use of the camera to take photos to attach to reports where required, (ii) GPS functionality to allow capture the location a user is reporting from and restrict from reporting from unauthorized locations for clients that require the geofencing capability (iii) offline capability to allow users to record reports offline when they are in areas with limited connectivity and submit such when they gain connectivity. The standard web browser will not support such and hence the reason all reporting related features are all done using the mobile app. The web platform which you access from the browser has the features for system administrators to help manage who can access and report from the app, design reports and authorize users allowed to access the management reports
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